Books by Andrew Dambe

So far only one. Got you there, didn’t I!

So Long Soleá is the hilarious, fast moving story of a technology, food and flamenco freak who embarks on a journey through Internet dating to restart his flagging love life. Set in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond, it tells the tale of Zach, freshly out of a disastrous relationship with the enigmatic Swedish homoeopath Ragnhilda (Rags) who challenges his scientific outlook with her knowledge and unconventional wisdom.

Beginning in Outback Australia, where the two meet while each are pursuing their work in remote indigenous communities, their relationship descends into chaos when they return to city life. When Rags finally packs up and moves back to Sweden, leaving Zach to experiment in new relationships, his life takes on a mysterious path of it’s own…

So Long Soleá is a moving, funny story that will tug on your heartstrings and keep you guessing to the end.

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